North Central 2011 Outstanding Workforce Partner of the Year

On behalf of the Workforce Investment Board and Staff, Susan Snelick, WIB Director,  presented the Workforce Investment Board Member of the Year award to Jennifer Macey with The Collins Company, Kane Hardwood Division.  Jennifer is a truly dedicated board member serving on the WIB since August 2005.  She not only serves on the Full Board but also participates in the CareerLink and Executive Committees, where she is first Vice Chair. Susan recognized the qualities of a great board member all exemplified by Jennifer’s participation on the Board.  She then went on to say that we could not accomplish all of the great work year in and year out without dedicated people like Jennifer.  “It makes our job much easier when employers are willing to dedicate their time to help drive our system.  It also should be recognized that it takes the support of their employer to allow them to spend time away from their real work to participate on our Board.”

North Central 2011 Community Development Achievement Award

On behalf of the North Central’s Community Development Programs, Bob Rusiewski, ARC/EDA Director presented Tom Frungillo, Director of the Bradford Regional Airport, with the 2011 Community Development Achievement Award. Mr. Frungillos’ numerous achievements noted during presentation included:
  • Tom has been the Director of the Bradford Regional Airport   since September 1998.
  • Member of the American Association of Airport Executives.
  • Actively participates as a member of the NCPRPDC Rural Transportation Planning Committee.
  • Directed the $1.8 million public water and sewer project at the Bradford Regional Airport.
  • Was instrumental in the development of the $15 million Pennsylvania National Guard Brigade Team Readiness Center built at the airport.
  • Assisted in coordinating the successful EDA grant application for the new 30,000 square foot multi-tenant center being built at the airport.
  • Actively promotes the regional economic importance of the Essential Air Service Program for rural airports and testified in support of the program to a congressional committee.
  • Is currently spearheading the airport’s economic development strategy and supporting regional collaboration by of diversifying the airports economic base from being solely an aviation business to a business with multiple sources of income.
  • Tom is also past president of the Allegheny National Forest Vacation Bureau.

North Central 2011 Manufacturer of the Year

Nydree Flooring LLC, is manufacturer of acrylic impregnated wood flooring for commercial interiors. The company operates through two locations, one in Forest, Virginia and a Pennsylvania plant located in Karthaus, Clearfield County. The relationship with North Central commenced  in 2003, when the Clearfield County EDC provided the funding for the initial purchase of the Karthaus facility, which was  formally known as Permagrain. Since that time, Nydree Flooring has worked with the Clearfield County Industrial Development Authority,  the Clearfield County Economic Development Corporation and North Central’s Loan and Export Marketing Programs. Assistance accessed by Nydree Flooring, has included  an expansion   and upgrade of  production capabilities with an emphasis on energy efficiency, researching new markets, and employee  training. In 2006 Nydree Flooring undertook a project to improve their energy efficiency through the installation of a biomass waste wood treatment heating system.  The new system was fueled by the wood scraps generated through their manufacturing process.  This new system was financed through a $269,801 PEDA Grant, as well Small Business First Funds, the Clearfield County Industrial Development Authority, PA Department of Environmental Protection, current equity and private sector financing. During 2010, Nydree Flooring undertook a new autoclave /heat exchange system   for their veneering process. This system combined the processes of both facilities into a more efficient and time saving manufacturing structure. The new system afforded an expansion of the product line and enabled Nydree to cease manufacturing operations in Virginia, for a consolidation of production under one facility in Karthaus.  The equipment for this new system was financed with funds from the Small Business First fund, the Clearfield County Industrial Development Authority and North Central’s loan funds, equity and bank financing It should be noted that Nydree Flooring works very closely with their landlord, DCNR, who has been very supportive and accommodating regarding the afore mentioned plant improvements. Over the past 5 years, Nydree Flooring has expressed an interest and participated with the Export Marketing Program, as they develop their customer base in overseas markets and for researching foreign product competition. Nydree Floorings maintains 24 full time employees at the Karthaus Plant. Representatives from Nydree Flooring LLC accepting the award:  Barry Brubaker, Rob Wilson, Joe Roseto, and Roy Bertram, The 2011 Manufacturer of the Year is awarded to Nydree Floorings LLC in recognition of their commitment and dedication to strengthening the economic vitality of the six county region.

North Central receives award at Community Conference at Pitt at Bradford

The North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission supports a wide range of development initiatives in a six-county region of the Pennsylvania Wilds. In addition to being a natural partner in many of the Pennsylvania Wilds business and community development initiatives, North Central has generously donated space for monthly Pennsylvania Wilds Planning Team meetings, administrative assistance, and countless hours of technical and strategic support from its staff. (Pictured to the right is Dan Glotz, Warren County Planning Director presenting Eric Bridges, Executive Director of NCPRPDC with the Award.)  

2009 NADO Innovation Award

In an effort to provide municipalities and local governments with energy- and money-saving solutions, the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission purchased an infrared/thermograph camera as part of the Energy Efficiency North Central campaign. The camera will assist local governments in identifying energy efficiency opportunities by upgrading insulation, identifying air leakage on the building envelope and understanding conduction of heat loss through fenestration. North Central has also developed a Building Assessment form that incorporates the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code and other requirements into the process.

2009 NADO Innovation Award

To enhance transportation and land use planning with economic development, the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission created a Land Use Development Regional Action Strategy (RAS). The strategy encouraged the exchange of meaningful land use strategies for managing growth and development with land use and transportation concerns. The Regional Action Strategy (RAS) rests on the premise that projects that are linked to strategies which are intended to increase economic productivity and competitiveness will cause improved regional prosperity.