The functions of the committee might include building a business case for the project, planning, providing assistance and guidance, monitoring the progress, controlling the project scope and resolving conflicts. As with other committees, the specific duties and role of the steering committee vary among organizations. Please reference the below committees that North Central has to offer.

Audit & Finance
Loan Review Committee
Microloan Review

Governance Committee


Jack Matson,  Jefferson County Commissioner  - Chair

Matt Quesenberry,  Elk County Commissioner                      

Carol Duffy,  McKean County Commissioner

Matt Marusiak,  Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

Deborah Pontzer,  Cong. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson’s Office

Jill Martin-Rend,  BC3@Brockway

Jim Chorney,  North Central

Audit & Finance

Audit & Finance Committee


Padraic McGrath,  Elk County - Chair

Kimberlea Whiting,  Cameron County

Dave Glass,  Clearfield County

Larry Chenoga,  Jefferson County

Tom Kreiner,  McKean County

Doug Morley,  Potter County


Loan Review Committee

Loan Review Committee


Joe Haines,  CNB Bank  - Chair

Tina Kennemuth,  Jefferson Co. Development Council - Vice Chair

Sara Andrews,  City of Bradford, OECD

Courtney Cole,  Citizens and Northern Bank

Michael Haines,  Elk County Redevelopment Authority

Joe Kelly,  Clearfield Bank & Trust

Padraic McGrath,  CPA McGrath CPA, LLC

John Maliza,  Northwest Bank

Drew Nedzinski,  Farmers National Bank

Kevin Oknefski,  Ridgway Industrial Development Corp.

Jamie Straub,  First Commonwealth Bank

Norm Strotman,  Bradford Economic Development Corp.

Rob Swales,  Clearfield Co. Industrial Dev. Authority 

Paul McCloskey,  Clearfield Co. Industrial Dev. Authority - Alternate

Joseph Weible,  Jefferson Co. Development Council - Alternate

Tom Beveridge,  Solicitor

Kimberlea Whiting,  Citizens and Northern Bank

Microloan Review

Microloan Review Committee


Darlene Buttery,  CNB Bank

Jodi Foster,  Elk County Planning Commission

Sherri Geary,  McKean County Economic Development

John MacDonald,  Northwest Bank

Heather Serafini,  Elk County Redevelopment Authority

Rob Swales,   Clearfield Co. Industrial Dev. Authority

Val Weis,   St. Marys Economic Development Corp.


CEDS Committee


Jodi Foster,  Elk Co. Planning Commission   - Chair  

Cliff Clark,  Cameron County IDA                              

Vacant,   Cameron County Commissioner            

Tina Johns Solak,   Cameron Co. Chamber of Commerce   

Steve Manginell,  Lumber Heritage Region of PA, Inc.      

Janie French,  Headwaters Charitable Trust                 

Paul McCloskey,  Clearly Ahead Development                  

Jodi Brennan,  Clearfield Co. Planning Commission      

Kathy Dowie,  Fox Township                                          

Tina Gradizzi,  City of St. Marys                                     

Paul McCurdy,  Ridgway Borough                                   

Michelle Bogacki,  Ridgway Township                                  

William Setree,  Jefferson Co. Dept. of Development      

Jamie Lefever,  Jefferson Co. Dept. of Development      

Larry Chenoga,  Punxsutawney Borough Council             

Jill Martin-Rend,  Butler Co. Community College              

Sherri Geary ,  McKean Co. Economic Development     

Bob Veilleux,  McKean County Redevelopment            

Kate Kennedy,  Kane Area Development Center            

Jeremy Morey,  McKean Co. Planning Commission        

Anita Dolan,  Bradford OECD                                       

John Wright,  Potter Co. Housing & Redevelopment   

Vacant,  Potter County Commissioner                 

Will Hunt,  Potter Co. Planning Commission            

Vacant,  Potter Co. Community Dev.


RPO Transportation


Jeremy Morey,    McKean County Planning  -  Chair

Cliff Clark,    Cameron County IDA                              

Jodi Brennan,   Clearfield County Planning

Jodi Foster,   Elk County Planning                                            

Tracy Gerber,    Elk County Planning   -   Alternate

Jamie Lefever,   Jefferson County Dept. of Dev.              

Bill Setree,   Jefferson County Dept. of Dev.   -  Alternate

Sherri Geary,    McKean Co. Economic Dev.     -   Alternate

Will Hunt,   Potter County Planning

Vickie Rusnak,   PennDOT District 2-0

Tom Zurat,   PennDOT District 2-0  -   Alternate

Harold Swan,   PennDOT District 10-0

Doug Dupnock,   PennDOT District 10-0   -  Alternate

Frank Hampton,   PennDOT Central Office

Dean Roberts,   PennDOT Central Office  -   Alternate

Amy Kessler,   Trans, Comm., Econ. Dev.

Bert Lahrman,   Trans, Comm., Econ. Dev.  -  Alternate

Dessa Chittester,   Public Transit                                          

Kristie Marsten,   Public Transit    -  Alternate

Bob Shaffer,   DuBois Regional Airport

Joe Barber,   Trucking

Tim Potts,   Railroad

Dick Castonguay,   At-large Municipal

Perry Bowser,   At-large Municipal  -  Alternate Clearfield

Sara Andrews,   At-large Community & Econ. Dev.

Anita Dolan,  At-large Community & Econ. Dev. -  Alternate McKean

Vacant,   At-large PA Wilds/Tourism

Amy Auman,   At-large Housing & Redev.                     

Bob Mecca,   At-large Human Service/Access to Transp.       

Rick Viglione, Vice Chair,   At-large PA Downtown Center  

Candace Sturdevant Hillyard,   At-Large/Tourism