CDwebIn response to the tremendous growth in the areas of energy, tourism, recreational development, infrastructure and municipal assistance, the Community Development Department has been charged with developing integrated strategies and policies for community development and regional planning activities that are consistent with the organization’s Regional Action Strategy (RAS) and Strategic Plan.  The intention of the RAS is to encourage the exchange of meaningful strategies on how communities can soundly manage growth and development to efficiently and effectively link land use, transportation, and economic development decision-making at a regional level.

Department Strategic Goal:

  1. Promote cooperative efforts among Community (county, city and municipal governments) and Economic Development agencies that advance individual and common interests in targeting commercial, industrial and infrastructure development that is data driven and supported
  2. Promote quality of life initiatives while safeguarding the region’s assets
  3. Assess and inventory regional infrastructure needs, including water, sewer, transportation, energy, utilities, education, healthcare, housing and site remediation
  4. Expand community outreach and engagement in a range of regional planning and development topics
  5. Establish and implement a communication plan to update stakeholders and the general public, share success stories, and promote community and regional planning
  6. Collect, compile, organize, analyze and disseminate data and data procedures needed for regional policy-setting and decision-making using the evolving capabilities of GIS