North Central Community Development/Regional Planning Department supports community revitalization efforts by providing project management and grantsmanship services to municipalities, and liaising between federal, state and local governments to capitalize on funding programs and other resources, and assisting Community Development, Main Street and Elm Street Programs.

North Central Greenways and Open Space PlanGreenways

The North Central Pennsylvania Greenway Plan provides the North Central Pennsylvania Region, its counties, local municipalities, and partner organizations with a flexible framework for decision-making on issues related to Greenways, including the conservation of the region’s natural, cultural, historic, and scenic resources, trail improvements, and economic development opportunities. This plan contains specific implementation strategies to implement the Greenways vision for existing and future generations of North Central Pennsylvania residents.

For more information or to learn about our Mini-Greenway Impementation Grant Program visit North Central Greenways

If you feel that you may have a qualifying project, please contact Rachel Wolfel @ 814-773-3162

Pennsylvania Wilds

The Pennsylvania WILDS is an economic and community development initiative that encompasses 12 counties in North Central Pennsylvania and is grounded in wise natural and cultural stewardship. It is intended to use the region’s natural assets, and the opportunities for tourism they present, as a way to revitalize local economies and communities, and improve quality of life for residents. While, Pennsylvania WILDS has received tremendous support from the state, it remains a grass roots effort being undertaken by numerous local and regional organizations, which are all committed to improving the regional economy, while preserving a way of life and the natural, cultural and community assets that make this region special and unique.

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