The North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission has received grant funding from the Keystone Communities Program (KCP) to place a value on resiliency in North Central’s six-county region. The goal is to raise awareness and educate residents on the short and long term impacts of the Flood Insurance Reform.   A regional analysis of historic flooding impacts was conducted with a “pilot” community identified.

Ridgway Borough

On May 21, 2018 Ridgway Borough, in collaboration with North Central, has agreed to undertake a pilot flood resiliency endeavor. The planning process included an early assessment of structures located in the 100-year floodplain. A homeowner survey targeted to properties located in the floodplain was been sent out to Borough residents. The homeowner participation was critical in helping to address the needs of the community. Eligible property owners in Ridgway Borough can now receive discounted Elevation Certificates through North Central’s FEMA Elevation Certificate Program.

FEMA Elevation Certificate Program

Property owners are continually facing annual premium rate increases unless elevation data, supplied on an Elevation Certificate (EC), indicates that the structure does not necessitate a full risk premium. North Central has contracted with D.E.M. Surveying to provide FEMA Elevation Certificates at a discounted rate for properties located in the 100-year floodplain (Zone AE) in Ridgway Borough, Elk County, PA.

For questions concerning eligibility, or to request a form be sent to you, please contact  Rachel Wolfel  at 814-773-3162. To order a discounted Elevation Certificate please download the form below and mail to North Central.

For additional information, please contact Rachel Wolfel at 814-773-3162.