The Municipal Technical Assistance Program (MTAP) is designed to provide direct assistance to local and county governments with their technology needs. The MTAP program is designed to help municipalities by providing computers and technology-related assistance as well as helping municipalities and municipal authorities meet their overall training needs.  North Central staff conducts technology assessments of the municipalities in the region to help develop these programs.  The program is available to municipalities and municipal authorities located within Cameron, Clearfield, Elk, Jefferson, McKean and Potter counties. 

Computer Purchase Program

North Central offers financial assistance to local municipalities and municipal authorities to upgrade and purchase technology-related items such as the purchase of computers, software, cameras, radios, etc.

Computer Training

North Central offers financial assistances to local municipalities and municipal authorities for computer-training courses.  Classes include training on Microsoft Word, Excel and QuickBooks.  North Central works with classes held at/through local educational agencies that will provide professional development for the local government/authority personnel in performing their day-to-day job duties. Personal Development classes will not be funded

Special Projects

Please contact Barry Mayes – 814-773-3162 to discuss your special project