North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission has developed a “data visualization dashboard” that allow users to better understand the impacts and influences that North Central is making throughout  the 6-county region. 

The challenge in telling our story is in the diversity of the 20 plus programs facilitated at North Central.  We chose to allow each program to identify what an  ‘IMPACT’ would mean and to add the necessary spatial component for location analytics and visualization.  Some examples of an impact include: loans provided, training courses held, etc.  Each one of our programs are designed for improving infrastructure, facilitating financing, connecting goods and services to the world, improving the health of the region and educating all to make the North Central region a better place to live, play and work. 

This regional dashboard is designed to help enable the user to better appreciate the number of Impacts and well as the Dollars that North Central is leveraging in making our region a success by any definition.

Note:  Transportation – road and bridge construction projects facilitated through the RPO – are not included on this site