Information Technology

North Central Internet offers quality high speed Internet service to customers throughout our 6 county region. Service is provided via our Wireless Wide-Area-Network. Web Hosting, DNS Hosting, Customized Technical Support, Email with Spam and Virus Protection.

North Central Internet has been in existence for over 20 years. Connecting our Region

    •  North Central’s Internet service was created to provide a cost effective method for communities of all sizes the ability to connect worldwide. Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Law Enforcement and Emergency Management are a few of the beneficiaries of this resource.


    • Our Wireless Wide-Area-Network was created from a need to provide Broadband service to remote areas or customers that required more bandwidth than DSL or Cable service could provide.


  • Our Wireless Wide-Area-Network consists of a series of towers located throughout our 6 county region. Microwave radios transmit data from the customer back to our Network Operations Center.

Contact Information

Edward Matts , Director of Information Systems, (814) 773-3162 ext. 3034