Staff Directory

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Executive Staff

Eric M. Bridges – Executive Director
Mary Lou Jessop – Executive Secretary

Accounting Department

Jim Chorney – Director of Finance
Shelly Caggiano – Financial Assistant
Katie Krise – Financial Assistant

Community Development & Regional Planning

Amy Kessler – Director of Community Dev. & Reg. Plng.
Kurt Barclay – GIS Director
Barry Mayes – Local Government Services Coordinator
Rachel Wolfel – Community Development Coordinator
Bob Rusiewski – ARC/EDA Director
Tom Buck – Transportation Coordinator

Enterprise Development

Kristi Wendel – Loan Portfolio Coordinator 
Jennifer Hibbard –  Loan Program Director
Christine Perneski – Director of Enterprise Development
Donna Hottel  – Director, Procurement Assistance
Deb Delhunty – Administrative Assistant

Facilities/Buildings and Grounds

Dave Puncheon – Director of Facilities Operations
Randy Main – Maintenance Supervisor

Human Resources Department

Cheryl DePanfilis – Human Resources Manager

Information Technology Department

Jim Swanson – Director of Information Technology
Ed Matts – Technology Director
Tina Wehler – Information Technology Coordinator

Women, Infants & Children Staff

Julie Kasmierski – WIC Director
Rebecca Brickley – Nutritionist
Mary DeLucia – CPA
Denise Hetrick – Registered Nurse/CPA
Bonnie Kelly – Nutrition Aide
Lindsay Barrett – CPA
Heather YargerNutrition Aide
Kristie Sorg  CPA
Christi Jarbeck – Nutrition Aide
Mary Thorwart  – WIC Program Secretary/Clinic Clerk
Amanda Margeson – Breastfeeding Peer Counselor
Angela Martin – Breastfeeding Peer Counselor
Christy DiltsNutrition Aide

Workforce Development Staff – Ridgway Office

Larry Horning – Director of Operations Workforce Development
Blythe Brunner – Workforce Programs Director
Lisa Springer – Workforce Operations Assistant

Workforce Development Staff – Pennsylvania CareerLink® – Cameron County

Annette Campbell Business Service Representative
Justine Paget  –  Employability Counselor, EARN (Employment and Retention Network)


Workforce Development Staff – Pennsylvania CareerLink® – Clearfield County

Shawn Evans – Business Service Representative,  Employability Counselor, Youth
Russell Krise – Employability Counselor, Youth
Sue Basile – Employability Counselor, Instructor (Wednesday)
Brenda McGarvey – Employability Counselor,  Adult/Dislocated Worker

Workforce Development Staff – Pennsylvania CareerLink®– DuBois Area

Kathleen Margle – Employability Counselor, Youth
Ann Dixon – Employability Counselor, Adult/Dislocated Worker
Tom Bundy – Employability Counselor,  Adult/Dislocated Worker

Workforce Development Staff – Pennsylvania CareerLink®– Elk County

Annette Campbell – Business Service Representative
Joe FritzEmployability Counselor, Adult/Dislocated Worker
Justine Paget – Employability Counselor, EARN (Employment and Retention Network)

Workforce Development Staff- Pennsylvania CareerLink® – Jefferson County

Teresa Neal – Business Service Representative, Employability Counselor/Youth
Tom Bundy – Employability Counselor, Adult/Dislocated Worker (Wednesday)


Workforce Development Staff- Pennsylvania CareerLink® – McKean County

Pattie Fitzsimmons – Business Service Representative, EARN (Employment and Retention Network)
Troy Johnson – Employability Counselor, Youth
Judy Galsick – Employability Counselor, Adult/Dislocated Worker
Kate Feely – Employability Counselor, Adult/EARN (Employment and Retention Network)

Workforce Development Staff – Pennsylvania CareerLink® – Potter County

Diane Corey – Business Service Representative, Employability Counselor, Youth
Kate Feely – Employability Counselor, Adult/EARN (Employment and Retention Network)