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NCWDB Draft WIOA policies for review

North Central Workforce Development Board


 The North Central Workforce Development Board will be a strategic workforce development leader focused on promoting economic prosperity and self-sufficiency of individuals by creating a workforce that is competitive in the global marketplace.


The North Central Workforce Development Board serves as the premier facilitator of an innovative workforce development system that meets the changing human capital needs of our employers and provides resources for our job seekers that maximizes their career potential and focuses on the customers’ needs. 


  • Enhance public-private partnerships through better connectivity and communication in order to increase investment in our workforce system leading to greater economic vitality for our region.
  • Engage in Sector Strategies of our growth industries identifying current skill gaps of both the incumbent and entry-level worker that will result in skill upgrades through customized training and partnerships.
  • Design innovative workforce development strategies to reach young adults and keep them engaged through the identification of best practices and development of new programs utilizing the Customer Centered Design Method.
  • Identify Career Pathways in major industry sectors to enhance career counselling that will result in training opportunities for our customers through skill, credential and degree attainment.
  • Ensure that our customers, both employers and job seekers, remain in the center of our design of all services and encourage our partners to do the same.