Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Operations, funded primarily with resources from the Departments of Labor & Industry, Welfare and Education, provide for a comprehensive mix of services of employ and re-employ dislocated and disadvantaged individuals throughout our region.  Services are part of the CareerLink System and are driven by labor market based Consortia consisting of employers, educational representatives, faith based groups, and many others.  Consistent with our mission of improving the quality of life, North Central Workforce Development makes a significant contribution by delivering training services to our customers; the Region’s workforce and employer community.  Our goal is to improve the productivity, profitability and competitiveness of our regions’ employers by supplying “job ready” employees.


January   Job Seekers Ready for Employment – DuBois/Jefferson County
September   Job Seekers Ready for Employment – Elk & Cameron CountiesJune
June  Job Seekers Ready for Employment – Potter County
September  Job Seekers Ready for Employment  –  Clearfield County
March  Job Seekers Ready for Employment – McKean County

Accepting WEDnet Applications  2013-14

Basic Computer Skills for Today’s Job Seekers 

Contact Information

Larry Horning
Director of Operations
(814) 773-3162 ext. 3055

North Central’s Way to Work Program 2010