Powering Workplace Charging

About the Program
Charge@Work is a United States Department of Energy funded program designed to bring electric vehicle (EV) charging to American workers by engaging workplaces, public officials, and community leaders to start workplace charging programs. Together we can support cleaner air, a healthier environment, greater local energy independence, and responsible community stewardship.

Join Us
Join workplaces, public officials, and workers across the country who are making workplace charging the new normal.

Charge@Work and our partners can provide technical, practical, and financial tailored solutions like connecting you with federal and local incentive programs, creating a site plan, securing cost estimates, identifying which technologies work best for you, measuring worker interest in EVs, creating a plug share plan, and much more!

Visit our website at www.chargeatwork.org to receive more information and sign the nonbinding Charge@Work pledge today!

Workplace charging can support:

  • Cleaner air, healthier environment
  • Greater local energy independence
  • Responsible community stewardship
  • Fair and equal access to EV charging
  • Positive business leadership
  • Clean job creation
  • Cost savings for drivers
  • Employee satisfaction and retention

We Offer:

  1. Free access to our incentives database
    Our incentives database helps you identify what funds are available through your utility, municipality, and/or state simply by entering your zip code.
  2. Free use of the Charge@Work Project Builder tool
    Our virtual tool guides you through the process of choosing a charger, determining the number of
    chargers needed, consulting with your utility, choosing a contractor, estimating costs, and much more.
  3. Free site assessments
    Site assessments can help you understand the opportunities and constraints of your worksite. Fill out our site assessments form, and you’ll be connected with a qualified Charge@Work site assessment partner within 48 hours.
  4. Free employee engagement support
    No matter where you are in the process, gathering support and information from workers is critical.
    Charge@Work can support your company’s EV affinity groups, employee surveys, webinars, and even in-person EV ride-and-drive events.
  5. Free marketing and promotion
    We want to spread the word about workplace charging — and you! We want to spotlight workplace
    charging leaders through social media, case studies, and our events. Email us your workplace charging story at admin@chargeatwork.org