High-Speed Broadband to Rural Areas

I am writing this letter to express my most sincere gratitude for providing high-speed broadband to rural areas. I have been struggling with high-speed internet service since building my home over 20 years for both personal and business use. Since the installation of your amazing broadband service, the past couple of weeks have been a complete transformation regarding my ability to become more efficient and effective in my daily work, life, and family commitments.

Let me elaborate a little on the transformation; I am a professor at Clarion University, where I teach several MBA/Undergraduate online classes each semester. Eighty percent of the course work I am unable to perform from home because of the lack of high-speed internet. I also have a consulting business (Smith Consulting), along with being an owner and CEO of Knot Technologies Inc. These two business also require a tremendous amount of communication and interaction using high-speed internet. Much of my communications are overseas, and now with the broadband services through NCPRPDC, it is a “game-changer” for my family and me. I am, for the first time, able to work from home.

Another key element that I was not expecting is the tremendous cost-saving I am now able to enjoy. I was paying $190 for my phone and internet using HughesNet and another $176 for my Dish Network services. I no longer require these services because of your outstanding broadband. My cost-saving is going to save my family thousands of dollars in just one year, amazing! The other cost-savings include the travel time/expense I had to do to get to a location order to complete my work.

The other amazing experience I must share is the employees of NCPRPDC, specifically Ed Matts, the Director of Information Systems. His professionalism and knowledge during this setup process were incredible! Ed made himself available based on my schedule, even helping me on the weekend. He has been in contact with me to check to see how everything is working and is also instrumental in my cost-saving, providing information for other options to help save money. NCPRPDC and Ed Matts have been a blessing to my family and me. I am honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of your broadband services you are providing. The impact you all have been just for my family and me, I can only imagine how many other people you will change their lives in the future! Thank you for being advocates for the small rural areas who need high-speed internet. This type of leadership and vision will provide sustainability to many areas who may not be able to survive without your service!

Bert Regards,
Chad Smith D.Sc.