North Central uses Geographic Information System (GIS) software from ESRI to create interactive digital mapping applications and printed maps to support Regional and County functions. GIS is primarily being used to integrate existing databases with interactive mapping applications for use in Transportation Planning, Land Use, Economic Development, Emergency Management and Regional Planning.

GIS Services

Throughout the six-county region, the GIS Department is actively assisting entities throughout the region at vary degrees:

  • Tax Assessment
  • Parcel Maintenance Instruction
  • Data Conversion
  • Multi-Program Interaction
  • Map Generation
  • Planning
  • Providing spatial context to ‘Comprehensive Plans’
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Instruction
  • Voter Register
  • Analyze and Develop Precincts Maps
  • Emergency Management
  • Address Maintenance
  • Service Zone Map Generation
  • Customized Address Location Tool

For more information regarding GIS Services, please contact North Central @ 814-773-3162.