Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ) Overview

  • The qualify for a KIZ tax credit your organization, at a minimum, must be:
    • For-profit business entity;
    • Located within the geographic boundary of an approved KIZ;
    • In operation for less than eight (8) years;
    • Working within specific targeted industry sectors;
    • Innovative in nature (i.e. working to obtain patents, licensing agreements, trademarks, and/or copyrights on products or processes created).
  • Tax credits must be applied against the tax liability of a KIZ company for the tax year in which credit was issued. Unused KIZ tax credits may be applied for these purposes for up to five years from the date issued or they may be reassigned/sold to another taxpayer. To begin receiving tax credits the business must first be operational within a KIZ for two years. KIZ tax credits can be up to $100,000 and are calculated as half the previous year’s increase in gross revenue.

Tri-County KIZ

North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning & Development Commission

Counties in this Region:
Clearfield, Elk, Jefferson

Advanced & Diversified Manufacturing, Energy/Biomass, Information Technology

Educational Institutions:
PSU DuBois, DuBois Business College, Jeff Tech

KIZ Quick Facts

Keystone Innovation ZonesInception to date2018 Calendar Year
Jobs created11,6711,057
Jobs retained31,0002,957
Businesses assisted7,12056
PA graduates hires3,555273
Patents filed2,957138
Patents awarded83852
Software copyrights filed29275
Software copyrights awarded12729
Licenses granted45,0512,472
Licensing revenue$254,264,964$53,491,506
RDT&E expenditures$1,107,640,699$102,719,658
Tax Credit Awarded (2006 & 2017)$150,813,495$14,740,036

KIZ Links

Tri-County KIZ Boundary Map

PA DCED KIZ Homepage

KIZ Application

Tri-County KIZ Coordinator

North Central
49 Ridgmont Drive
Ridgway, PA 15853