Straub Brewey Visitor Center & Tap Room, St. Marys, PA

The North Central Partnership for Regional Economic Performance (NC PREP) is designed to encourage regional coordination in economic development efforts, yielding superior customer service to the business community and a comprehensive, efficient statewide economic delivery strategy.  

NC PREP consists of a network of trained and experienced experts who can offer assistance and resources. Through activities to include one-to-one counseling, specialized workshops, online training and financial incentives, the NC PREP Network coordinates resources  to meet the needs of our job creators — the men and women who start and grow our businesses.

PREP is designed to help answer the following questions and more:

•           How do I start a new business?

•           How do I write a business plan?

•           Where can I get necessary financing?

•           Where is the best place to locate my business?

•           How can I expand into new markets?

•           Who can help me re-organize my shop floor?

•           Should I invest in new equipment?

•           Can I get training for my employees?

Enterprise Development Department
Business Development Coordinator

Cameron County Industrial Development Authority – Cliff Clark

Clarion University Small Business Development – Cindy Nellis

Clearfield County – Clearly Ahead Development – Rob Swales – Paul McCloskey

North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning Commission

McKean County Industrial Development – Bob Veilleux

St. Mary’s Economic Development Corporation – Val Weis

Jefferson County Development Council – Jamie Lafever

Potter County Redevelopment Authority – Rick Duzick