The North Central Partnership for Regional Economic Performance (NC PREP) is designed to encourage regional coordination in economic development efforts, yielding superior customer service to the business community and a comprehensive, efficient statewide economic delivery strategy.  

NC PREP consists of a network of trained and experienced experts who can offer assistance and resources. Through activities to include one-to-one counseling, specialized workshops, online training and financial incentives, the NC PREP Network coordinates resources  to meet the needs of our job creators — the men and women who start and grow our businesses.

PREP is designed to help answer the following questions and more:

•           How do I start a new business?

•           How do I write a business plan?

•           Where can I get necessary financing?

•           Where is the best place to locate my business?

•           How can I expand into new markets?

•           Who can help me re-organize my shop floor?

•           Should I invest in new equipment?

•           Can I get training for my employees?

Mikala Biondi
Business Development Coordinator
814.773.3162 ext. 3046

Cameron County Industrial Development Authority – Cliff Clark

Penn West Small Business Development – Cindy Nellis

Clearfield County – Clearly Ahead Development – Rob Swales – Paul McCloskey

North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning Commission

McKean County Industrial Development – Ann Robinson

St. Mary’s Economic Development Corporation – Tina Gradizzi

Jefferson County Development Council – Jessica Funk Seary

Potter County Redevelopment Authority – Rick Duzick